Volunteer role profile: Concourse Volunteer

Role Concourse Volunteer
Location Nightingale Hospital Birmingham
Role purpose To complete ad hoc volunteer tasks to support the delivery of patient care at Nightingale Hospital Birmingham
Days and times required Flexible between 09:00 and 18:00, Monday – Sunday
Deployed by Voluntary Services Coordinator
Supervised by Voluntary Services Coordinator
Duties to be undertaken
  • Acting as a "wayfinder" and supporting colleagues and visitors with directions
  • Escorting if necessary, while adhering to social distancing 
  • Acting as a point of contact, welcoming people at the hospital entrance as required (e.g. new staff)
  • Providing information on local amenities/services such as toilets, public transport etc
  • Acting as a runner for pharmacy between the ward area and the warehouse, collect and delivering urgent medication
  • Providing a messenger service, offering collection/delivery of non-urgent papers and materials
  • Transporting small items between wards and departments
  • Delivering mail to ward office for patients (e.g. "letters for loved ones")
  • Moving patient property within standard operating procedure
  • General administrative tasks as required, such as answering telephones and taking messages, photocopying and scanning
  • Displaying a helpful, friendly and courteous attitude
  • Complying with all infection control policies and guidance
  • Maintaining and preserving confidentiality at all times
Skills/attributes required
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Willingness to help and support staff and patients
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Calm manner
  • Comfortable working in a clinical environment with patients that may be distressed, anxious and acutely unwell
  • Understanding of the need for confidentially
Training required
  • Mandatory induction
  • Hospital layout
  • Local volunteer placement induction
Environment This role is based at Nightingale Hospital Birmingham, where COVID-19-positive patients are treated. The role does not involve direct contact with patients in clinical areas, but patients will pass through the public area (concourse) of the building to get in and out of the wards. Social distancing and good hand hygiene should be observed
Expenses Paid at 25p per mile by BACS transfer following submission/approval of a claim form
DBS level Enhanced
Areas of work Concourse areas
Uniform Scrubs

Duties not to be undertaken by volunteers

  • Volunteers must not put themselves at risk
  • Concourse volunteers must not enter clinical areas
  • Concourse volunteers must not have direct contact with patients
  • Volunteers must not carry out any documenting of patients’ treatment or of nursing processes
    Volunteers must not involve themselves in admission and discharge procedures
    Volunteers must not involve themselves in aggressive incidents
  • Volunteers must not assess, read or write anything in patient notes
  • Volunteers must not answer enquiries about patients from patients, visitors or staff
  • Concourse volunteers must not be requested to provide a patient portering service